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Entries for September, 2008

website housekeeping and why I’m in the race

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that my new School Board election website is up and running – click here!

Yes, this site here has all the graphic excitement of a law library – none. It’s not supposed to be fancy. I established this weblog over a year ago as an information repository for some of the monitoring, research and correspondence I produce about our public schools. I generally don’t publish my work because much of it is sensitive, however times call for a change. Please check both my sites regularly for updates and event announcements.

For me, this election is not about political opportunity. It is about children and equality. It is about ensuring a future for our City. This goes far beyond budget issues. It is not easy to do this, but God is working with me every day. Many times in my life I have been called an ‘actual angel’. I am called to serve to create opportunities for a better life for New Orleans families, particularly our children. I am willing to continue to devote a substantial amount of my time and energy to public education because I have seen how positive results are possible.

I carry a determined optimism and even an enthusiasm for board meetings because I believe in our better future.

I feel as though God has prepared me all my life for these challenges and I know I am the right person for the job for District 3.

When we are humble and put children first, our Board decision-making processes will be undertaken in the spirit of reason and unity, and we will produce appropriate reforms which will improve the quality of life for everyone in the City.

click here for my election website