reports from a local parent monitoring public education in New Orleans

RSD FOIA for charter school monitoring info (updated)

From: Amelia Lafont
Date: Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 2:14 PM
Subject: Freedom of Information Request to RSD for charter school monitoring information
To: Siona LaFrance

Amelia Lafont
PO Box 51153 ,
New Orleans, LA 70151

Siona LaFrance
Communications Director
Recovery School District
1641 Poland Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70117
(504) 373-6200 ext. 20084
(504) 214-7994 cell
(504) 309-3647 fax

June 23, 2008

Dear Ms. LaFrance:

I respectfully make the following Request for Public Records as authorized by the Louisiana Public Records Law enumerated in LA R.S. 44:1 et seq. and adopted by the City of New Orleans in Section 2-773 of the Code of Ordinances, City of New Orleans. Please provide these records within three days as per LA R.S. 44:33.

Should a question be raised as to whether the record(s) requested are public documents, please inform me of your determination – in writing – within three days of receipt of this request. Such a determination “shall contain a reference to the basis under law which the custodian has determined exempts a record, or any part thereof, from inspection, copying, or reproduction.” (LA R.S. 44:32.D)

Since the purpose of this request is to inform the public of the operations of your agency – a public purpose – I request a fee waiver for duplication. (LA R.S. 44:32.C(2))

The following information is being requested:

1. A copy of each contract past and present between any agency of Louisiana with the National Association of Charter School Authorizors (NASCA).

2. A copy of RSD’s policies and proceedures for charter school monitoring.

3. Copies of reports done to assess charter school performance, complete or in draft.

Thank you,
Amelia Lafont

(Sent Monday, should have responded by Thursday, no response yet.)

On July 3rd the RSD sent 2 scanned copies of contracts with NASCA totalling about $400,000 to manage the charter approval processes from 2006- Spring 2008. As of today, July 9, they have not sent any information regarding their monitoring processes, reports, or results from any specific site and charter monitoring activities.

(Gmail) Siona LaFrance to Chris, me
Jul 3 (6 days ago) [attachments: NACSA Contract 1.PDF,NACSA Contract 2.PDF]

Ms. Lafont,
Attached please find an electronic copy of contracts between the Louisiana Department of Education and the National Association of Charter School Authorizors.

The company’s federal tax identification number has been redacted from the documents for privacy reasons.

I will advise you when other documents responsive to your other requests are available.

Siona LaFrance

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