reports from a local parent monitoring public education in New Orleans

The RSD is not accredited

What does this mean? Immediately after Katrina in Fall 05, while the city was still under water, the Legislature authorized the State of Louisiana Department of Education to seize all ‘failing’ schools in New Orleans, and my understanding is they moved the failing grade up to an 87 (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) to seize about 105 of 112 schools.

Now, the State-run Recovery School District, RSD, has chartered out most of the schools they operate, creating an experiment in a system based on charters. They are aggressively pushing to have every school chartered or charter-like.

The concept of charters is for them to compliment a conventional public system and strengthen it, not to constitute the system itself.

It is wrong to experiment with Katrina’s survivors, especially our children. It is being implemented by people who’s agenda is privitization by any means. This movement was afoot pre-K, and these people used the population’s forced displacement to push through legislation that never would have otherwise passed.

Even then, the laws have not been followed. We have so many examples of this, from no community participation to no services for special needs children.

Now, Wal-Mart’s foundation, the Walton Foundation, has funded and is very quietly pushing through programs that are against the wishes of the affected communities.

Militarization instead of Social Justice.

Ya’ll heard me?

Back to RSD.

Not being accredited.



What does this mean?

It means if you want a high school diploma or credit for student or teaching experience, for choices you have:


Archdiocese of New Orleans is multi-parish so let’s just count the ones in Orleans:

(but this number is misleadingly high also as several Catholic high schools have 8th grade and they have their ‘junior high’ accreditation separately so it is one school, 2 accreditations)

if you count the same schools only once, the number is 15.

- apples to apples comparisons of the lists generate more questions: Audubon and Lake Forest are named OPSB charters in the Parent’s guide, but why not listed as accredited?

RSD/State Charter:
– have to leave accreditation website to count RSD schools –

- they are adding 9 new charters with grade configurations all a mess – will post on these later –

- the parent’s guide says ‘ 51 including 20 charter schools, with 7 more in the Fall’

grand totals:

9 public accredited schools OPSB (6 high schools, 2 elementary, 1 K-12 Lusher)

15 private Catholic acccredited

0 non-religious accredited in Orleans Parish (where’s Newman? not accredited?)

58 RSD/Charters without accreditation and as of Fall 08.

So, parents in Orleans Parish have exactly three options for accredited public schools, one of which gives first enrollment to Tulane employees.

Wonder if they’re all full?

This is not an argument for vouchers!!! This is an illustration of why we need our schools back under local control.

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