reports from a local parent monitoring public education in New Orleans

Entries for April, 2008

Grow or Die

A beautiful woman said tonight, ‘grow or die.’ [paraphrasing] ‘it’s like the tower card.  change is upon us.  either we make the change or it will be made for us, and we will have no say in it.’

This blog’s purpose has changed.

It’s prior use was effective.  Now the blog will be for education monitoring.  Here is my prayer:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for bringing us to this day.  Thank you for allowing us to see what we have seen, lived through what we have survived, and thank you for being with us every day and every step of the way, as your children we thank you for your omnipresent love and protection.

Dear Lord, please bless the spirit of Ashely Morris, whose memory continues to inspire us to call for justice in a place where your love is felt every day, Dear Lord.  Thank You for giving us a model of persistence, courage, affection, irreverence, righteous indignation, and humor as we meet our daily challenges, and hold him dear to Your heart as he held his family and the city of people he loved.

Dear Lord, Thank You for Your guidance every day in this strange new era of continuous loss and opportunity.  Thank You for staying with us every moment as we make these changes neccessary to bring all our people, Your children, into a life of Grace.